Business Continuity Services

RCG has over 20+ years of experience in responding to critical incidents and events. We can
assist your organization in preparing for, responding to and quickly recovering from the impact of crisis situations.

Our Business Continuity Services include:

Labor Dispute Management

Over 20 years of experience in contingency planning, deployment, and management of all
aspects of security operations during a work stoppage. Our services include:

  • Detailed Contingency Planning
    • Development of site security plan
    • Identification of site vulnerabilities and recommended corrective action
    • Appropriate security staffing plan
  • Deployment of Asset Protection Personnel (Through our Rapid Response Team)
  • Incident Documentation (Videographers and Photo Documentation)
  • Evidence collection, and preparation
  • Executive/Key Personnel protection (at home and the workplace)
  • Secure Transportation

Disaster or Incident Response

In the event of a Natural Disaster or unexpected incident RCG can provide trained and
equipped short- or long-term security personnel. Our Rapid Response personnel will be able to
quickly provide oversight and protection of your affected assets. Our team of personnel are
accustomed to working in austere environments for protracted periods of time if necessary.

Workplace Staffing Reductions (RIF’s)

Workplace changes can cause a sense of unease in the workforce. RCG can provide a calming
protection presence during these uncertain circumstances. Our goal is to avoid or to mitigate the
unintended consequences of a RIF. That includes addressing security risk factors such as
protecting managers and workers, preventing employee theft and sabotage, as well as
retaliations against those employees not included in the RIF.