Background and Experience, your Credibility matters.

Your Background and Experience are part of your Credibility, and it does matter.
Are you projecting an image of credibility to potential clients? How about your peers? As the saying goes, “perception is reality.” What perception are you giving?
To many it is not big news that in the security and […]

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The importance of quality training.

Training is the place to make mistakes, you can learn from them and make improvements. Then, train harder, because making mistakes in a real attack can be deadly. So with that in mind I’d like to point out the importance of quality training.

I haven’t spoken about this much outside […]

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    Protection Specialist and Bodyguards, there is a difference!

Protection Specialist and Bodyguards, there is a difference!


Isn’t a Protection Specialist the same as a Bodyguard?

Yes and No.
You might be confused at that statement so let me explain further. I’m sure this will upset a few people, so before I get too far into this let me say this is not to paint everyone with […]

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The Value Of Personal Protection For Crime Ridden Cities

As professionals in the executive protection business we like to believe that we are prepared to deal with the various challenges we may encounter. Yet we often tend to overlook or dismiss dangers that are in plain sight. It is these dangers that we need to recognize and prepare for, as they could be critically important […]

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Paying for executive protection training?

So you are about to spend your hard-earned money taking some executive protection training or attending one of the “bodyguard schools.” Perhaps, you are already working in the industry. Have you done your due diligence yet? Would you walk into a car dealership and write a check for a car […]

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Integrity is part of your brand.

Your integrity is probably what sets you apart from others, use it wisely!
I’ve had a couple interesting conversations as of late, many times the discussion turns to the subject of integrity of people within the executive protection & bodyguard business. A lot of you may know someone who has […]

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    Your first Executive Protection job leads to another, or not.

Your first Executive Protection job leads to another, or not.

The executive protection business is tough to get into, and tougher to stay in, don’t make it any harder on yourself. As you can see the list of things to do is pretty short and simple. The list of things not to do is much longer, those are just […]

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Sorry, we don’t want your experience. Part-3

Your hiring standards and resumes with overseas experiences.

My apologies to everyone for getting this out so late, going through the agency licensing process while working took a bit of a toll on my free time.
OK, enough guessing, which guy should I hire? Actually it doesn’t matter because all of […]

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Should I apply for that overseas job?

Recently I received a message about an overseas job from a friend and colleague and this just keeps popping into my head, so I’d like to pass along some friendly advice. This is by no means saying he did something wrong, he was passing along a possible job to […]

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No GPS Allowed!

Sometimes living in the US we forget that not all countries have the same benefits as we do, specifically being able to own a GPS . In certain countries you can be arrested and jailed just for having one (most likely in those countries where they think everyone not […]

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