Security Consulting Solutions

Are you looking to hire full or part time security related staff but don’t want an untrained security guard? The RCG Risk Security Consulting team will help provide peace of mind with all your corporate security needs and security training for your employees.

Security decisions you make today for your company can determine your organization’s security for years to come. RCG Risk Security Consultants can help you take a proactive approach aligned with the security industry best practices as well as real-world protection and security experience.

Being members of a Professional Executive Protection Association we have access to professionally trained Executive Security personnel and we can use our network of over 3,000 fellow graduates to find you the right candidate. If we are unable to provide you with what you need we will recommend a high quality provider at no cost from us. Is there another security issue where you have a concern? Feel free to contact us, all information is kept strictly confidential.

We can also consult with law enforcement agencies on related protective security matters when it comes to high profile prisoner transport, witness protection, or even getting your company’s personnel trained for security operations or executive protection.

RCG Risk security consulting services have an added-value component that allows us to call upon the expertise of our colleagues in RCG Investigation Team and Executive Protection Team. These complementary resources enable RCG Risk Mitigation security consultants to provide clients with integrated security that will protect employees, assets, and operations.

  • Security-Risk Assessment
  • Security Master Planning
  • Travel Security & Advances
  • Alarm & Camera Systems
  • Executive Tracking Systems

  • Security Awareness Training
  • Hiring Security Staff
  • Vetting Household Staff
  • Resume Reviews (with Overseas Experience)
  • K-9 Services

  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Executive and Facility Threat Assessments
  • Policy and Procedures Development
  • Security Audit
  • Executive Protection Review