Private Investigations

Confidential Investigative Solutions

Investigations are part of our core competency. Our  Investigators work with a variety of corporate entities across the US helping them to find the information they desire. Our corporate investigative services will assist your company in continuing to operate within compliance of all industry, governmental, and company policies. Our investigators will also work to find answers and solutions when policies and procedures are breached by internal or external sources.

Our experience and contacts allow us to represent your investigation needs locally in Florida and also across the globe; We have even assisted another company on a case with getting surveillance photos in Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) using our local contacts, saving the client thousands of dollars.

Corporate Investigation Services

Theft of company property – Loss of inventory or property can result in a loss of profitability no matter the size of the business.  Let us help attempt to identify the perpetrator, locate and recovery the assets, and allow your business to return to its day to day operations.

Fraud and Embezzlement – From pennies at a time over years, or thousands of dollars in one fraudulent transaction, Fraud and Embezzlement can result in decreased profit margins, and at worst can bankrupt a company.  We can assist in combating these crimes and help ensure your business is successful for years to come.

Workplace Violence – Workplace violence is a difficult and dangerous problem to deal with.   In the event of an incident we are here to help with the investigation, statements, and resolution.

Civil & Criminal Background Checks – Part of running a successful business is ensuring that only the highest quality employees are hired and that potential business partners are properly vetted.  Not only do new hires need to possess the right skills and attributes, but it’s important to hire employees without questionable pasts or serious criminal history.

Product Verification and Intervention Services – Our investigators can provide collection and 3rd party verification of client product. In the past we have worked with marketing support entities in the collection of “game samples” at a variety of manufacturing locations. Ensuring that there is secure continuity to the marketing promotion.