Sorry, we don’t want your experience. Part-3

Your hiring standards and resumes with overseas experiences.

My apologies to everyone for getting this out so late, going through the agency licensing process while working took a bit of a toll on my free time.
OK, enough guessing, which guy should I hire? Actually it doesn’t matter because all of […]

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Should I apply for that overseas job?

Recently I received a message about an overseas job from a friend and colleague and this just keeps popping into my head, so I’d like to pass along some friendly advice. This is by no means saying he did something wrong, he was passing along a possible job to […]

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July Update

Greetings Everyone!

First, my apologies for not being able to get Part-3 of “Sorry, we don’t want your experience” article out in the time frame I wanted to. I will be out of town on a detail and will use my spare time to put the finishing touches on it. […]

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No GPS Allowed!

Sometimes living in the US we forget that not all countries have the same benefits as we do, specifically being able to own a GPS . In certain countries you can be arrested and jailed just for having one (most likely in those countries where they think everyone not […]

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Sorry, we don’t want your experience. Part-2

How does this relate to corporate and family details?
So hopefully you have been wondering about a few things I said, that’s good.  OK enough suspense, how many times have you fired your weapon while protecting someone? Direct and to the point, I like that. This just might be shocking […]

Hurry Up & Wait!

We have submitted our Florida A&B Agency licensing applications. No services can be performed until they give final approval. We are taking care of other paperwork, updating the web site (as we get bright ideas), and looking into an insurance service.
We are also working on some of the training […]

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Sorry, we don’t want your experience. Part-1

Why wouldn’t you want someone with experience?
Anyone in the Executive Protection business, or anyone trying to get into it knows that this can be a very difficult career.  It doesn’t matter what position you are applying for there is requirement. It may be attendance at a certain school, a […]

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