We just wanted to give a quick update on some of the more exciting things happening here for us at RCG Risk. As with any business the start up can be difficult at times, we have experienced both good and challenging days but have kept working hard to provide a higher level of services, as well as highlight the fact that we are not a security services provider that will give clients inexperienced protection personnel.

Richard has just finished a 5 month long detail for a client and is right back to work in another location for the same client, suffice to say they have been quite pleased with his services.

We continue to make contacts with like minded security professionals and now have several quality licensed security agencies that we can partner with around the United States as well as internationally. We will have a further announcement relating to this soon.

Over the past several months we have held discussions with a potential client, the last time we sat down with the client one of the comments made was that, “you are one of the few protection providers that we have met that understands the concept of not only high quality, but low-key security for executives.” I have to admit that I am still smiling about that.

With that being said, we are pleased to announce that RCG Risk has signed with an international corporation to provide Executive Security Services for their more challenging domestic and international travel.